Cineworld, Hanley – Accessibility

Has anyone been to the new Cineworld in Hanley yet?

One of our members took his son, who is a wheelchair user, last weekend for what was supposed to be a fun day out.  They were left feeling disappointed, as the screen they were in did not have very good wheelchair access.

They were in Screen 2 of the Hanley-based cinema, which opened on  17th December 2015 and as you can see from the pictures below, the wheelchair spaces aren’t exactly what you’d expect to find in such a newly built venue.

Cineworld 1 Cineworld 2









As you can see, there is a step right in front of the wheelchair space, which only allows room for one wheelchair, so if you go to the cinema with friends who are also in chairs, you’ll struggle to sit together. You’re also likely to end up with neck ache, given how close you are to the screen.

On this occasion the family were compensated for their disappointment.

If you’ve been to Cineworld and had similar problems, let us know by emailing