Could you be the next Josiah Wedgwood?

The producers of the BBC hit ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ are looking for contestants to take part in series two.

So if you’re potty about pottery, they want to hear from you!

Pottery Flyer


The closing date for applications is this Sunday, 10th April – so be quick if you fancy throwing yourself in (see what I did there?!)

Cineworld, Hanley – Accessibility

Has anyone been to the new Cineworld in Hanley yet?

One of our members took his son, who is a wheelchair user, last weekend for what was supposed to be a fun day out.  They were left feeling disappointed, as the screen they were in did not have very good wheelchair access.

They were in Screen 2 of the Hanley-based cinema, which opened on  17th December 2015 and as you can see from the pictures below, the wheelchair spaces aren’t exactly what you’d expect to find in such a newly built venue.

Cineworld 1 Cineworld 2









As you can see, there is a step right in front of the wheelchair space, which only allows room for one wheelchair, so if you go to the cinema with friends who are also in chairs, you’ll struggle to sit together. You’re also likely to end up with neck ache, given how close you are to the screen.

On this occasion the family were compensated for their disappointment.

If you’ve been to Cineworld and had similar problems, let us know by emailing


The Low Down Local on Changing Places Loos

The Changing Places Consortium launched a campaign back in 2006 as they felt that standard disabled toilets weren’t accessible enough for most disabled people.Changing Places Logo


Their website states:

“To use the toilet in safety and comfort, many people need to be able to access a Changing Places toilet which has enough space and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.”


Having severe Cerebral Palsy myself, these facilities have proved to be invaluable (when the hoist is charged, but that’s a different story!)


There are a few Changing Places facilities locally: one is in Newcastle Library, another is in Hanley bus station and there’s another in Crewe railway station.  If you know of any other local Changing Places facilities, please get in touch at or via our Facebook and Twitter pages so that we can spread the word!


You can find out more about the Changing Places Consortium HERE.

Calling all Budding Bakers!


Fancy joining Mary and Paul in the Bake Off Tent

Fancy joining Mary and Paul in the Bake Off Tent?


BBC baking contest The Great British Bake Off is returning in 2016 and the production team are currently looking for the next batch of great home bakers to take part. So who’s the best baker you know? If you, or someone you know, can turn out a terrific tart, produce a perfect pie or serve up a sublime sponge, then please get in touch now.

For more information or an application form, go to:

If you or someone you know thinks they have what it takes to bake in the tent, then please do encourage them to visit our website where they can download the application form or email

The ‘Eagle’ has landed!

We’ve all been there. You’re at the airport and the time has come to board the plane. You get transferred into a manual wheelchair and taken up to the plane doors.  Once here you get transferred into the dreaded aisle chair. Is it just me, or does everyone have that terrifying 2 second though of: “My bum’s not going to fit on there!”

Worrying about the size of your posterior may soon be a thing of the past, as there’s a hoist which can transfer you to a seat on an aeroplane!

The Eagle hoist is a medical grade piece of equipment which has been specifically designed by Australian company, Haycomp Pty Ltd, to fit down the aisle of a plane.  Imagine that? No more will you fear for your life while sitting on what feels like the world’s narrowest chair.

Here’s a video.

We at the NSWUG think this long-awaited piece of equipment is a fantastic idea, not only for those being lifted, but also those doing the transferring too. Even though the Eagle isn’t actually in use anywhere in the UK yet, the fact that this is being talked about definitely means things are heading in the right direction.

Manchester airport recently had a demonstration from Haycomp management, Birmingham airport is on the waiting list for one too.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments with the Eagle!

St Georges Knights – Powerchair Football

St Georges Knights – Staffordshire’s only Powerchair Football team will soon be putting on training sessions in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The details are as follows:

StGK3(Click image to enlarge)

Tips to prepare you for travelling by wheelchair

Here is a very interesting article about travelling with a wheelchair, by a wheelchair-travelling blogger. Although he does live in America, he makes some great points which can relate to anywhere you’d like to travel to!

Have you been on holiday recently? How accessible was the accommodation/sights/transportation? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at