Your Wheelchair

Our wheelchairs are basically our legs, but what do you think of yours? Whether it be manually self-propelled or a power chair that needs to be charged. What make is your chair? Is it reliable? Is it comfortable? How many times a week do you need to charge it? Does it have any additional accessories? We’d love to hear what your chair is like and what you think of it!
Email us at to tell us your wheelchair review and maybe send us a few photos of you in your chair, or even just of your chair (for the camera shy!), and we’ll post your review here for everyone to see!

Wheelchair Traveling

Been on your travels recently? Did you visit somewhere that had really good or bad access? Email us on to tell us about it and we can spread the word!


Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to let you all know that we now have a Facebook page.

Naidex National 2015

Naidex National is a disability exhibition which happens over a few days, once a year at the NEC in Birmingham. This year it will be held on 28th – 30th April.

Going to this exhibition will give you the chance to view specialist equipment which you may not know even existed, such as children’s equipment, wheelchairs, bathing and showering, adaptations, furniture, daily living aids, leisure and sports, and transport, etc.

For a full list of exhibitors and to order your free tickets, visit

Launch of our new website

We’re pleased to announce that our new website has now been launched with access to various Fact sheets and helpful information.