How do I get an NHS wheelchair 


Do you have a permanent need for a wheelchair?

If you have a disability and have a permanent need, you may be eligible for an NHS wheelchair (manual or electrically-powered). The NHS can provide and maintain the equipment providing you meet their eligibility criteria.



If you think that you might need a wheelchair you should be referred to the Wheelchair Service so that they can assess your needs. Your GP, health centre, physiotherapist or occupational therapist can refer you to the Wheelchair Service.


Bear in mind

The NHS Wheelchair Service has criteria that it has to follow for referral in to the service. Your GP or Allied Health Professional will have access to this criteria.


Electrically powered indoor / outdoor wheelchairs

If you have a severe disability and are unable to walk to propel a manual wheelchair, your assessment may find you eligible for an electric wheelchair. However, you must be assessed as being able to handle the chair safely.


NHS Voucher Scheme

NHS Trusts in England have a voucher scheme. Users can top up an NHS voucher with their own money to get a more expensive or sophisticated wheelchair but it must also meet their clinical need There is more information on this scheme in North Staffs Wheelchair User Group Factsheet 4.


Urgent need

If you have urgent need for a wheelchair, or there is a waiting period before an NHS wheelchair can be supplied, you may be able to hire one from a local supplier or The British Red Cross may have wheelchairs to loan.