The voucher scheme

If you are assessed as needing a manual wheelchair, you can choose to have a wheelchair from the Wheelchair Service free of charge or you can opt to receive a voucher towards the cost of a wheelchair of your choice. The scheme does not include electrically powered wheelchairs.


Using your voucher

You can use your voucher in one of two ways:

  • Partnership option. Use your voucher to buy a wheelchair from an approved supplier, with a discount to the value of the voucher. The wheelchair will belong to the Wheelchair Service and they will carry out any repairs needed through their approved repairer. When the wheelchair is no longer needed, it must be returned to the Wheelchair Service.This option gives you a wider range of wheelchairs to choose from than those available directly from the Wheelchair Service, but the range will be limited to those wheelchairs for which the Wheelchair Service can provide an adequate repair service.
  • Independent option. Allows you to buy a wheelchair from approved suppliers with a discount to the value of the voucher. The wheelchair will belong to you and you will be responsible for any repairs, but the voucher will include the cost of maintenance for the life of the voucher.This option gives you a much wider range of wheelchairs to choose from.

More information 

If you already have a wheelchair, you cannot exchange it for a voucher. However, if your condition changes and you are assessed as needing a new wheelchair, you will be offered the voucher option.

The voucher will only be offered to you after you have had an assessment by the Wheelchair Service.

You can only buy a wheelchair with your voucher that meets your needs and as prescribed by the Wheelchair Service.

Approved suppliers have trained staff that can help you to decide which wheelchair is right for you based on your needs and what wheelchairs are available.

When you have had your assessment, you will be told how much the voucher is for and then you can make a decision about whether to have a wheelchair directly from the Wheelchair Service, or whether to have a voucher.

The value of the voucher will be the cost of the wheelchair that meets your clinical needs and will be the same value as a wheelchair supplied by the Wheelchair Service.

The voucher is valid for 6 months. If you don’t use it in this time, you will have to request a re-assessment by the Wheelchair Service before a new voucher can be issued.

A voucher can be supplied every 5 years, should you need to replace your wheelchair.

If your clinical condition changes and your wheelchair is no longer meeting your needs, a new voucher can be supplied to cover the cost of adapting your wheelchair or supplying a more suitable wheelchair.