Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who should I contact if I need repairs to my NHS wheelchair when I am away from my local area?

If you are going on holiday then ask the Wheelchair Service for the details of the local wheelchair repair provider for the area you are visiting, then contact them directly if you need to. The Wheelchair Service will then liaise with the local service to see if the repair is urgent.


Q. Can I take my NHS wheelchair abroad?

The Wheelchair Service do not recommend that you do. If you do take your wheelchair abroad, you must make sure that you are covered by insurance for any damage during transportation or incidents that could happen while you are away.


Q. Can I modify my NHS wheelchair by fitting a power pack?

No, you cannot do this.


Q. Can I modify my NHS wheelchair by adding a clamp for a docking station?

As some wheelchairs are not tested for these clamps, you would need to liaise with the Wheelchair Service on this.


Q. Can I carry out repairs to my NHS wheelchair?

No, you must use the Wheelchair Service’s repairs service provider.


Q. What maintenance am I expected to do on my NHS wheelchair?

You will be given a User Manual which will tell you about the maintenance you will be expected to carry out. You will be expected to keep the tyres inflated and to keep the wheelchair clean, including under the cushion.


Q. Do I need to insure my NHS wheelchair?

If you are issued with an electric wheelchair, the Wheelchair Service recommends that you take out Third Party insurance which covers public liability.


Q. How long is my NHS wheelchair expected to last?

This will depend on how active you are and how much you use your wheelchair, but the national guidance is 5 years+.


Q. What should I do if my NHS wheelchair is no longer needed?

Please contact the Wheelchair Service. They will arrange for the wheelchair to be collected.


Q. Can I do sports in my NHS wheelchair?

No, you cannot do any sports in an NHS wheelchair. There are specialist wheelchairs available for sport. Contact the Wheelchair Service for advice.


Q. What should I do if my wheelchair is stolen?

Contact the police for a crime number, then contact the Wheelchair Service.